Scary Christian Valentines…

Happy Valentines Day! Here’s hoping your special someone isn’t a fundie…

Visit Ape, Not Monkey for the punchlines 🙂

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  • Anonymous

    The Google Doodle today is awesome, and it has a nice subtle message at the end.

  • KEH

    With regards to the first 2 poems, I could say the same to a Xtian.

  •  The first two poems ARE to Christians. It’s the latter two that are Valentines FROM Christians.

  • I was all excited about finding a new comic to satisfy my inner skeptic-child….. these comics suck 🙁 

  • BigTrevor

    Well, I went back to the start of the archives and read a few months worth of that strip. It’s pretty awful and the writer seems like a smug d-bag.