Cranston School Board: Heed These Words

As the Cranston school district holds their meeting tonight tomorrow night, they would be wise to take JT Eberhard‘s advice to heart:

In summation, you have a job to do. It is not to rewrite America’s laws, it is not to pass judgment on Ms. Ahlquist, it is not even to listen to the mob on the basis of the volume of its uproar. Your job is to maximize the quality of the education of students in Cranston. If you are unconvinced that an appeal will end in victory, or that the presence of a prayer on the wall will somehow augment the quality of education, you need to end this affair now.

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  • Sort of related, I found a video from a high school debate on the existence of god. They appear to have one speaker, who argues in favor of god. And the moderator while playing devils advocate for most of it, makes it public near the end that he too is a believer in god. And yes, there are a lot of Christians at their desks… but there are atheists too, and they all gets turns standing up for a few minutes and voicing their opinion or responding to a claim.

    It was great to see the school create an environment where this discussion could happen. I feel like with all these heated emotions going around, we need to have some sort of dialogue to maintain an understanding of where each of us are coming from.

    Check it out here:

  • Rbray18

    yeah that would require thought on their part, they seem to so far have shown a profound lack of thought in this. so i expect them to vote to appeal and waste more time and money on this then they need to.

  • There’s hope.  The original vote was 4-3 in favor of going to court.  Only need one to flip.

  • TiltedHorizon

    “Heed These Words”

    Based on how they have reacted they can barely be expected to heed the words in the banner let alone words they don’t want to hear. Which may explain why they need to keep those words on the wall, its the only place to store the sentiment since there is little room in their hearts.

  • Annie

    Is it tonight?  I thought it was tomorrow.

  • It IS tomorrow, 6 pm local.  Hemant needs to correct his post.

  • Annie

    Oh good.  I thought they were trying to pull a fast one, and changed it.

  • It has been corrected. Thanks!

  • Erik Cameron

    I heard they had another banner on a wall in the same room which had the same motto minus the god/prayer references. So yeah, covered.

  •  Boo! They’ll heed our warning… if they’re pussies. APPEAL! APPEAL! APPEAL! I want to see Chris Young foaming at the mouth after another loss. This is way too entertaining.

  • Anonymous

    CSPAN should pick this up. 

  • Two of those four have said that they will not vote to appeal. I will be shocked if they end up voting to appeal.

  • I don’t want to see that school district and its students lose any more money to pointless legal fees.  That money can buy books, technology and retain teachers.

  • Jdatty

    Didn’t JT have a year or so of Law School?

    What happened?

  • Gus Snarp

    If you are unconvinced that an appeal will end in victory, or that the presence of a prayer on the wall will somehow augment the quality of education, you need to end this affair now.

    It was almost perfect, FIFY, assuming my tags work here.