Support for Evolution Education Comes from a Surprising Source

Even though the Indiana Creationism Bill has been effectively killed (for now), there’s still a anti-evolution bill pending in New Hampshire.

Thankfully, someone testified against it in front of the House Education Committee yesterday:

“It would be a blow to our educational system, which is already in a bad state,” he said. “If evolution was not presented in the scientific sense, but rather the colloquial, people would be denied modern scientific information,” which would be disastrous for society, he said. “I fear that students not educated in scientific methodology would end up with less skilled jobs which would potentially cause them to overuse credit cards and go into debt and in a worst case scenario, live a life of poverty.”

Those are some powerful words… and they came from a 10-year-old.

Jackson Hinkle risked missing his class Valentine’s Day party yesterday to testify against a bill that he says would push a troubled educational system further into disrepair.

Jackson, 10, is passionate about science, particularly the study of evolution.

Jackson’s mother, Gillian, said the boy was insistent on speaking out against the bill. She didn’t have to push him into it at all, she said.

“This is who he is,” she said. “He’s very passionate; he goes deep into subjects.”

Jackson was planning the trip to testify in Concord all the way back in January. He stuck with it, even when he found out it meant he would miss the annual Valentine’s Day party at school, Gillian Hinkle said.

At least there was one level-headed person in the room. Let’s hope his testimony helps kill this bill, too.

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