Neil deGrasse Tyson’s Latest Book Will Be Published Next Week

So, Neil deGrasse Tyson’s latest book Space Chronicles: Facing the Ultimate Frontier comes out next week! (And, says one commenter, it’s already available on Kindle.) Who’s excited? You’re excited.

The book explores “NASA and the future of space travel.”

Dr. Tyson referenced some of the contents of the book in an interview for this site last summer.

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  • Killer_6

    No, it came out last Monday, the 20th.  It’s been on my Kindle since then.  Go get it now!!

  • J24u

    Yep, it’s out already.  I have it on my desk right now.

  • FSq

    I am marching down to the bookstore today to get it! LOVE this stuff!!!

  • Waybeyondsoccermom

    Yep, the book arrived today via amazon.