Even the God of Crocs is Useless

Stephan Pastis explains why in Pearls Before Swine:

(Thanks to Justin for the link!)

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  • Nicole Harris

    I read this in the paper at lunch today and was in hysterics.   I just love Pearls Before Swine and this strip was the icing on the cake. 

  • justicehasnogod

    The Boot already taught us that Crocs shall not be followed for they are but a false idol.

  • http://twitter.com/0xabad1dea Melissa

    So they pray and the opposite happens? Is it reproducible? They should ask to be poor and see what happens [/scientist brain]

  • Keulan

    Nice. I’ve liked Pearls Before Swine before I read this strip, and this makes me enjoy it a bit more.

  • Bryan

    Before I liked Pearls Before Swine because of the great lengths it goes to make a ridiculously clever pun. But this is just straight-up funny.