Last Day to Donate to Jessica Ahlquist Fund

Tonight is it! The scholarship drive for Jessica Ahlquist closes today. After that, I need a week or so to figure out what donations were made directly to the American Humanist Association and what money will be contributed from the Evil Little Thing t-shirt sales, and then I’ll report back how much was raised altogether.

Can we hit $50,000…?

Thanks for your support, everyone!

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  • Mairianna

    Come on, folks; one last push!  This is only going to get Jessica about a year and a half at an Ivy League school!  Or may pay for about 3/4 of a private college Bachelor’s Degree.    Poor thing.  I hope she’s gunning for some scholarships, too.  College is freakin’ expensive!  Go, Jessica! 

  • It’s a great cause. I’ve added to my donation. It is hugely rewarding to know that there are young people like Jessica in this world. They need to be applauded and encouraged.

  • Brian Macker

    Seems to have closed just before the $50,00o was hit.  Too bad.  Start another one.

  • Donated a second time. With the AHA and shirt donations, this is bound to be over 50k!

    I also don’t doubt that someone like Jessica Ahlquist will be able to get more scholarships easily. 😀

  • NJ1

    I assume she will return/refuse the money.  After all it does have “In God We Trust” printed on it.  If she accepts it, she is a hypocrit.   (I do support the court decision to remove the prayer…..although a compromise would have been easier and then all the controversy would have been avoided.)

  • Jason Desjardins

    If Jessica disagrees with theism so much, she should refuse to use money since the United States decided to put “god” on their currency since doing so would be tantamount to accepting a god or at the very least being a hypocrite when doing so.

    Using that same logic, religious teachers who work at schools where prayer banners are not allowed should quit since doing so would be tantamount to accepting that there is no god,  or at the very least being a hypocrite when doing so.

    What excellent logic!

  • Go Jessica!

    shut it! she did the right thing!

  • Evil Little Thing

    You spelled hypocrite wrong.