The Creationists Are Looking for Targets

It looks like Ken Ham and his acolytes at the Creation Museum are teaching children a new skill: Archery.

To me, providing such programs is a part of helping families to provide wholesome Christian-run programs for families and their friends, and at the same time, use it as a way of reaching others with the message of the truth of God’s Word and the gospel.

Nooooooooooooo! They’re going to shoot us with Jesus!

(I kid, I kid… but I’m still sleeping with an eye open tonight.)

It’s kind of ironic, really, when you consider that bows and arrows were invented before the Creationists believe humans even came into existence.

When I mentioned this story on Twitter last night, people were quick with responses:

Well, at least bows and arrows are a little less graphic than the weapon Ham’s Answers in Genesis used in a billboard a few years ago…

Just makes you wanna reach out and grab a Bible…

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