Interviewed on the Drew Marshall Show

Last week, I was on the Drew Marshall Show to talk about stories in the atheist community. (Along with a brief foray into sports.)

The host playfully tried to get the guest before me — a fellow Patheos blogger (and Christian) who didn’t know I was on the phone call — to talk trash about me. But Tony Jones didn’t take the bait. In fact, he stated how he tends to agree with me most of the time, at least when it comes to the social/cultural issues. (Thanks!)

You can download the episode here. The fun begins at the 21:23 mark!

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  • rachel

    the link doesn’t work (you can’t link directly to the material)

  • Hemant Mehta

    Whoops! Fixed :)

  • Elizabeth

    Congrats to Tony Jones for being a classy guy! You were both great about not taking the bait when the host wanted you to fight it out. Honest but not confrontational—this is the kind of conversation I like to hear. 

  • J Kelsch

    What?  A rational voice AND a Christian?  How unique.