Yes He Does

Artist Castro Burger is responsible for these fliers seen in Los Angeles :)

Your move, Westboro Baptist Church.

(via Boing Boing — Thanks to Gil for the link!)

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  • Gregory Lynn


  • Rich Wilson

    I wonder if we’ll see any of those at Reason Rally.  That is, if ‘you(pl)’, since ‘I’ just ain’t flying out from the left coast.

  • James

     “God hates FAQs” is a good one too.

  • Anonymous-Sam

     GameFAQs feels the hate!

  • Santiago

    I like it. It took me a second to realize what was going on….Good job!

  • Azrael Kane

    Though I would have to say its more often the people who try to speak “in his name” who seem to hate facts.

  • Anonymous

    they are him!

  • observer

    The irony?: the Devil is usually called the “Father of lies”. 

  • Joe Zamecki

    I hope Mr Burger has permission to put his poster on that box. It looks like a utility box at a street intersection.  Does he own that?

  • Anonymous

    There’s garbage in the street, and you worry about a placard?


  • Sandy Kokch

    Hats off! Amazing work there….so simple and obvious.

    Now… who is gong to get a stack and flypost the immediate area around the WBC Hate Compound Of Doom?