Tentative Schedule (and Tips) for the Reason Rally

The tentative schedule for the day is now up on the Reason Rally website!

(Notice that Bill Maher is listed as addressing the crowd via video — nifty! A lot of people have been asking about him and it’s nice to be able to say “Yes, he’ll address the crowd” even if he won’t be there in person.)

In addition, there’s an excellent list of tips you ought to pay attention to if you’re planning on coming:

  1. Arrive early for a good spot, like 9:00 AM.
  2. Wear a hat and bring sunscreen.
  3. Pack your lunch and a snack to eat and bring them with you.
  4. Bring Handi-wipes or other sanitary hand-washing items.
  5. Pack enough water to last all day.
  6. Wear comfortable shoes, because you’ll probably be standing the whole time.
  7. Bring a folding chair or a new, clean trash bag to sit on, if you do want to sit down (and to help clean up after the event).
  8. Wet weather gear, just in case.

One more week…

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  • Barajas6734

    Was that about Bill Maher sarcastic?

  • http://www.patheos.com/blogs/friendlyatheist/ Hemant Mehta

    It wasn’t — I think it’s good that he’s making an appearance!

  • Anonymous

    He regularly supports atheism on national television. In a country in which hundreds of thousands of people are voting for Rick Santorum in the primaries, I’ll take what I can get from Maher.

  • dauntless

    Brace yourselves. Disparaging remarks about Maher’s anti-vax stance are coming.

  • Cheron22

    He’s a misogynist anti-vaxer. If you think he’s a good choice perhaps you should push for some Templeton folks to give a talk as well.

  • Anonymous

    Oh please. He supports gender equality just like most everyone else. Stop with the baseless attacks. You are coming off as an asshole.

  • Mary

    Evidence of this support please?

  • Cheron22

     He’s called men C**ts as well so he cant be a misogynist ? Was that the evidence I missed?

  • Anonymous

    I have no idea whether he has or not, but just because he insulted Sarah Palin does not mean he was insulting every woman everywhere. Do you believe that everyone who uses the terms “dick” or “bastard” is an evil man hater? If not, then why are you using the same argument against Maher?

  • Anonymous

    How about the
    fact that he invites both men and women on his show and talks and listens to

    Are you really
    starting out with the assumption that any random person you meet doesn’t
    support gender equality until they prove otherwise? Are you making this
    assumption about women as well?

  • Mary

    Yes and yes

  • Anonymous

    How about a list of media resources? Will Cspan be there? I imagine there are lots of us including me that can’t afford to come or get the time off to be there.

  • Russ

    Tips #2 and #8 are backwards. The forecast is for rain.

  • Anonymous

    Good tips even if I do think that “Pack your lunch and a snack to eat and bring them with you” belongs in the “Warning this bag of peanuts contains peanuts” category of unnecesary instructions. I would also remind anyone who hasn’t been to massive  events lasting for hours to take note of the location and proximity of port-a-potties and making sure to “go” just before setting up in your chosen spot. Stay hydrated, but don’t drink gallons unless you actually enjoy the stench of public temporary restrooms.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_X26EM3YHIEM7Y7XL6L2ZSIYM4U Dietra

    This time, Hemant, when you see the Pharyngula sign as I scream, “There’s Hemant!”, remember to wave. Yes, that was me (with a large chunk of the Horde) at the Stewart/Colbert Rally. You mentioned that you realized who we were on the way down the Metro steps. We will again be traveling with that cephalopod-tastic signage. Hope to see you.

  • http://www.patheos.com/blogs/friendlyatheist/ Hemant Mehta

    I will!