Speaking at Michigan State University Next Week

Just one more day until Spring Break! And then, I’ll finally have time to start working on that Reason Rally speech…

In any case, I’ll be visiting Michigan State University next Thursday (March 29th). The Center for Inquiry group on campus is bringing me out there to talk about how to make math class a little less evil. The fun starts at 7:30p in Communication Arts Building, Room 147 🙂

Come! Or I’ll incorporate all of you into my students’ word problems.

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  • Molly Brown

    Dear Hemant,
    Can you get someone to record your speeches? Or at least link them to here? I was planning to write a paper about your reason rally speech for my communication class. Now my throat is sore, i have lost my voice, and my nose is completely stuffed. I really need this for a class, and I really REALLY wanted to do a speech on secular thought.

    Many Thanks,

  • There are a bunch of older speeches on YouTube… the RR speech will be recorded for the DVD they’re putting together but it may not be available immediately! Good luck with the paper!

  • baronvoncarson

    You need to come to Australia. I would love to see you at GAC at some point!

  • Or I’ll incorporate all of you into my students’ word problems.

    Hah!  We double-dog-dare you!

  • As soon as I get an invite, I’m *so* there 🙂

  • Xeon2000

    I wonder if my communications teacher would support me skipping lecture to attend.