I’ll Be On NPR Tomorrow…

For all the NPR listeners out there, I’ll be on the show “On Point with Tom Ashbrook” tomorrow morning — we’ll discuss the Reason Rally, atheism, My Little Bronies, etc.

It’s a live show that tapes from 10:00-11:00a (CT) and you can see where it airs in your city by going here (click on “search by program,” go to “On Point,” and find your city). There’s also a live stream here.

They take callers so feel free to chime in!

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  • Carie

    I will be listening in Seattle!

  • Anonymous

    I’m listening now… you’re kicking ass Hemant.

  • I’m trying to argue for the side of rationality in the comments section, for mostly naughty.

    I fear Randi’s more entertainingly provocative interview is what’s riling up the godfolks. Lots of talk of UU and liberal believers, failing to understand that these people facilitate and fail to control the more fundamentalist crowds.

  • Heh, “naught” and not “naughty.” Although somewhat “naughty.”

  • Almost through it, and I just realized something.  There’s no shouting match of people cutting each other off.  Since it’s just you and Randi, there’s a polite give and take- when one of you feels you have a good point to make, you politely interject and make it.  Compare that with ‘fair and balanced’ in which David Silverman would be the token Atheist, and have to fight to blurt out a simple URL at the end.  Refreshing.