The Most Charitable Thing We Can Say About Faith…

(via Ape, Not Monkey)

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  • Ndonnan

    We will see who comes up with the empty box on the other side,and who will be asking for charity

  • Renshia

    sorry man, the answer is no one. We’ll be dead. No one will see.

  • TiltedHorizon

    Is anyone else picking up on Ndonnan’s joy at the idea of being at the pearly gates to bear witness to our sentencing? Such hubris seems out of character for a “Christian” but I guess such behavior is expected when accountability is only tallied at the end of life instead of during.

  • Ndonnan

    NO,no joy at all,thats why christians annoy the crap out of you telling you about it.Also i belive you get out of life and relationships what you put into it now aswell,.What goes around does come around

  • TerranRich

    We will? You got a plan to return from the dead? Gonna be a zombie or something, to report on whether there was an afterlife? And how would an afterlife prove there is a god or gods?

  • Sarah Trachtenberg

    It reminds me of “God’s best excuse is that he doesn’t exist.”

  • Chris Leithiser

     Exactly.  It’s the kindest thing we can do, not to believe in such an unrelentingly evil being as Christians make him out to be.

  • LutherW

     It may be charitable. But don’t try in on a billboard and expect praise.

  • TiltedHorizon

    I understand the point of the illustration but I think it would be more relevant had it just been the picture of the unopened box; one cannot know the contents until death.

    This way one can argue that something amazing is in the box, who is the rightful owner,  and more importantly, that all other boxes which may exist are empty except our own .

  • Piet Puk

    I imagine a huge shelved wall with thousands and thousands of boxes. Some old, some new. All the worlds past and current religions are stacked there.
    All empty..