New Atheist Billboard in California: God Is Imaginary 

The Backyard Skeptics just put up this billboard in Westminster, California:

God Is Imaginary –- Choose Reality — It is better for everyone

The billboard was paid for by an anonymous donor and American Atheists.

(via Skeptic Money)

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  • Stephen Pollei

    For some reason this reminded me of old fortran joke “GOD is REAL (unless declared INTEGER).”

  • rhodent

    That’s a surprisingly well-designed billboard for American Atheists.

  • GodVlogger (on YouTube)

    This billboard is *awesome*!
    Way to go American Atheists! (and sponsor).
    Keep up the good work. Lovin’ it. 

  • JohnnieCanuck

    Thus God is defined as i  which has the property i2 = −1.

  • JohnnieCanuck

    Try, try again:

    i2 = -1

  • Claude Keven Lamontagne

    Nice, to the point.

  • Douglas_Einer

    Great billboard-! Finally in CA-!

    Here’s a pic of a tattoo that I have now which I’d been wanting to get for a long time.

    With the little ‘tiniest-of gaps’ at the bottom arc to indicate the.000000(Ad infinitum) 1% chance of there being any god/s existent in reality.