Videos of Richard Dawkins, Adam Savage, and Jessica Ahlquist at the Reason Rally

Mark Rosengarten took some great videos of speeches at the Reason Rally — these three in particular:

Richard Dawkins:

Adam Savage:

Jessica Ahlquist:

(Thanks to Graham for the link!)

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  • bramkaandorp

    When Dawkins spoke about the mediocre sun, Douglas Adams immediately sprung to mind.

    From what I see in the videos, it was a day to remember. I hope it won’t be for naught.

  • Damn it, I wish I had gone.

  • Pete084

    Hopefully there will be another RR next year, and hopefully we’ll both be there!

  •  I’m sure it was intentional, they did know each other.

  • Rapaglia1979

    Atheists are hilarious. They make me laugh.

    Because they’re SO retarded.

  • Deleted