Last Chance to Support an Atheist Photography Project

As I mentioned before, photographer Chris Johnson is working on a project that features 100 atheists (myself included) talking about what gives them joy and meaning in this life:

Each portrait will be paired with a short message from the subject about some aspect of joy, meaning or passion in life. It could focus on the love of a beautiful relationship, the joy of a rewarding career, the pleasure of a treasured pastime, the impact of a powerful experience, or any other topics.

The goal of the book is to dispel the common misconception that the lives of nonbelievers are somehow emptier or less meaningful. This idea is not only false, but harmful as well. It hurts those who are afraid to “come out” as an atheist because they’re scared what those close to them will think. I hope this book can reach out and serve as an inspiration.

Chris is raising funds for the project on Kickstarter but time is running out — and if the goal isn’t met, no money is given toward the project. So if you’d like to support the project, please make a pledge now.

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  • 1. Eating babies.

  • Forgive me, but this sounds a lot like the Hallmark blandishments of the “And I’m a Mormon” Youtube videos.   We shouldn’t be trying to prove that we’re normal, we should be demonstrating that intellectual courage has allowed us to accomplish more with our lives.