‘Kind Atheist’ Church Sign Battle

(In response to this post.)

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  • Kyle Anderson

    Clearly both signs are equally ridiculous because we all know God doesn’t exist.

  • A rational god worthy of worship would have that preference.  There’s no evidence for such a god, alas, and most Christian denominations don’t seem to worship a rational god.

  • Nice start, but are you trying to re-create 
    http://www.snopes.com/photos/signs/dogheaven.asp ?  It could be a funny debate.

  • Anonymous

    Just a heads up: the “in response to this post” link is broken. Looks like it’s got an 05 where it should have an 06.

  • Fixed. Thanks!

  • Renshia

    Ha ha, that was good thanks.

  • Antfaber

    The one on the left has 2 crosses, so it wins.