Kick Your Faith to the Curb

This interview with Professor Peter Boghossian about religion is fairly entertaining:

Peter Boghossian (Nicolle Clemetson - Portland Mercury)

Do you think the world would be better if people didn’t use faith as a method of reasoning?

Yeah, I do. My mentor said to me once, “Pete, you’d be so much better if you just didn’t do stupid shit.” That’s a lesson for life. If you want to think better, just don’t do stupid shit. Don’t find a way of thinking that’s terrible. Find ways of thinking that are at least mediocre.

Can you talk about the difference between subjective claims and objective claims?

Sure. Subjective claims are anything that’s a matter of taste. Do you like Battlestar Galactica?


Okay, well you’re wrong about that, but that’s a subjective claim. What you like to eat… listen to. Objective claims are like, “How old is Earth?” Well, you’ve got a lot of people running around thinking it’s 6,000 years old. And those same people want to teach that in the classroom. That’s an objective claim. You’re making a claim about reality. When you make those sorts of claims, we can bring the tools of science in to examine and to test this. And we see that it is false.

The rest of the interview is here.

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