Aziz Ansari: ‘I’m Not a Religious Person’

Aziz Ansari, one of the stars of Parks and Recreation, said in a recent interview he’s not religious.

So we can add one more celebrity to the roster 🙂

(And he’s brown, so we get bonus points for diversity!)

Daniel Kellison: Hm, OK, sure. All right — what do you think happens when you die?

Aziz Ansari: Nothing. I’m not a religious person.

Daniel: So you think you just go into the ground.

Aziz: Sadly. But I don’t know, man — you hear these stories about ghosts and stuff … sounds pretty convincing! [Laughs.] Don’t you hear some ghost stuff where you’re like, “Oh, shit. That seems a little too crazy that that happened. And maybe there are ghosts??”

Daniel: No. I don’t believe that at all.

(He’s joking about the ghost bit, in case you’re unfamiliar with his humor.) I just watched his new comedy special last night — loved it, especially the bit about his cousin’s college entrance essay. (And since Aziz probably picked up on this post via Google Alerts, everyone wave hello to him!)

(via Grantland)

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