nakedpastor: Crucify the Question

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Waffle House Killer’s Mother: Schools Without ..."
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Waffle House Killer’s Mother: Schools Without ..."
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  • Charon

    S’okay. It’ll rise again.

  • Anonymous

    Heh, interesting image.

  • Kyle Anderson

    Both sides are guilty of this. 

  • Alex

    A lot of the same theme lately. I hope everything’s all right in David’s life. Hope he gets better soon if not.

  • Erp

     Well he did leave his job as pastor a while back and I suspect he and his family are having to watch every penny.    His postings on his regular blog have expressed some troubles.

    Also the Lenten season has just finished which to most Christians (some don’t follow the liturgical year) will cause their thoughts to go in certain directions.    I must admit the Jesus/Easter Bunny death matches are a bit odd.