Richard Dawkins Will Be Honored for His ‘Services to Humanism’

Richard Dawkins will receive the 2012 “Services to Humanism” award from the British Humanist Association:

BHA Chief Executive Andrew Copson said, ‘Richard Dawkins is known for his brilliant and accessible writing on science and evolution and for his consistent and courageous defence of truth, science, and scientific method against superstition and unreason. His clear and rational arguments have been the catalyst for many people embracing humanist beliefs and values, and supporting the campaigns of the BHA. Richard’s has been one of the strongest voices in public debate on issues from ‘faith’ schools and their ability to discriminate, to freedom of speech. We are delighted to have Richard as a guest at this year’s conference and to be able to recognise the important contribution he has made globally.’

I’m not arguing the choice, but isn’t that like the NAACP giving Barack Obama an achievement award?

Like, yes, he’s totally deserving of it. Now tell me something I don’t know.

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  • M Vanroy

    Actually, the NAACP endorsed Ron Paul.

  • Tr Dev

    Really??  Wow!  Guess they weren’t convinced of his racism either.

  • C Peterson

    The NAACP certainly did NOT endorse Ron Paul.

  • Gwen

     I think you are confusing the NAACP with the NRA.

  • CoboWowbo

    Let me guess, you’re going by some comments made by Nelson Linder as proof that The NAACP backs Ron Paul. Am I right? 

    Nelson Linder is not the president of the NAACP. He has never been president of the NAACP. Nelson Linder does not endorse Ron Paul.

  • Tr Dev

    Like, yes, he’s totally deserving of it. Now tell me something I don’t know.”  rofl

  • Miko

    That’s a pretty racist thing to say.  Barack Obama is a tyrant working directly against the goals and interests of the NAACP; surely you don’t think that they’re so shallow that they would they give him an award just because of his skin color?

  • Dan


  • Paddy Reddin

    That’s like complaining when the best movie of the year wins the best picture Oscar, because it was the obvious choice, they should have gone with one of the rank outsiders.

  • The Godless Monster

    I’m not getting the point of this post.