‘Sex, God, and Science’ Comes to Chicago

Hey, look! Something secular/skeptic-y is happening in Chicago!

A mini-conference about “Sex, God, and Science” will take place on April 29th.

Speakers include Dr. Darrel Ray (talking about how religion distorts sexuality) and Dr. Veronica Drantz (talking about myths and medical malpractice regarding gender binary and LGBTI people).

The event will be put on by the new ChicagoLand Freethinkers group and co-sponsored by American Atheists with help from the National Atheist Party.

All the information is here and here.

Sounds like fun. And what else were you going to do on a Sunday? Go to church?

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  • http://www.alise-write.com Alise Wright

    Darn it! I’m heading home from Chicago that day. Sounds like a fascinating presentation.

  • Dbaker13

    I just finished Dr. Ray’s book Sex and God. It’s pretty epic. I even got to cite it in my senior research project! I’m sad I can’t attend. :/

  • BenZ

    I’ll be there!