Jesus Gave Us Sexual Freedom… with Limits!

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"Indeed you are not, that would be an insult to actual trolls"

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  • Y’know, I’m pretty sure that people had sexualities before 33AD. I’m certain many of them even wrote things down about them. 

  • Brittany

    Oh hey, there’s even written record of it, too. See: Erotic Turn Papyrus (Egyptian).

  • That’s a fallacy, Christians don’t believe that Jesus gave us sexual freedom, unless you extend it to the trinity. Christians believe that God gave humans the gift of sexuality, so you could extend it to Jesus. Based on the Genesis story, Adam and Eve populated the Earth, obvious sexuality there. This cartoon is based on a misconception.

  • Travis Dykes

    So Christians only ever have threesomes, Partner A, Partner B, and God?  

  • Glasofruix

     And christians believe that adam & eve populated the entire earth with only two sons?

  • M J Shepherd

    A misconception brought about by a sermon.

  • Thackerie

     Christians typically berate any atheist thought as a “misconception.” But, who cares about the opinions of people who base their entire lives on a MYTH-conception?

  • Nordog

     Who cares about the opinions of Christians?  Based on an overwhelmingly large percentage of postings at this blog I would say, “Atheists.”

  • bengie

    Hey Shep, I like how your strokes are looking. Is this Photoshop or Painter?