In Case You Wanted to Know More About the Higgs Boson…

Watch this and learn something. And by “learn something,” I mean “my head hurts from Science but it feels so good”:

(via PhD Comics)

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  • Yukimi

    Wow, it’s pretty awesome. 
    One of my friends is doing I think graduate project there (but as a programmer) so I tried to see if by chance I could spot him in the cafeteria heh.

  • ninetyninetrees

    I enjoyed that! I’m not a huge science wiz, however I LOVE the LHC! It just looks so friggin’ cool!

  • Renshia

     What’s in the data, what’s in the data, it’s so exciting..

    I love it, that was great. Awesome video.

  • Evan Kelley

    See, when it’s explained so easily as this I become deluded into thinking I could actually succeed in this field. It sounds so simple!

  • Nazani14

    I’ll never look at a purple M&M with disdain again. 

  • Katherine Lorraine

    I just feel like I got slapped in the face by Science. And I want some more!