CFI Ready to Help Those Harmed by Homeopathy

The Center for Inquiry affiliate in Canada is assisting in going after distributors of homeopathic medicine in a $30 million lawsuit. You may argue that homeopathic medicine is, by definition, useless… so what’s the harm? However, if people take the fake medicine in lieu of actual medicine, their bodies could be getting worse when they should be getting better.

CFI also wants to help anyone in America who has suffered because they took homeopathic medicine:

CFI is willing to assist individuals who believe they have been defrauded or otherwise harmed through the marketing of homeopathic products. If you are interested in discussing the possibility of pursuing legal remedies, please contact Steven Fox, CFI’s Legal Director.

“People are unconscionably being misled in their time of greatest vulnerability: when they’re sick,” said Ron Lindsay, President and CEO of CFI. “We intend to stand up for consumers and their right to be told the truth about the medicines they spend their hard-earned money on. We will take the fight to the perpetrators of homeopathic fraud in the media, in legislatures, and yes, in the courts.”

Good on them. Get these fake pills off the shelves before they do more damage.

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