Congratulations, Greta!

This is something that I’ve seen happen in the Christian world a few times but never in the atheist world:

Greta Christina is leaving her day job so she can become a full-time writer/speaker :)

I will no longer have to stop in the middle of a productive writing day and go do the day job. I’ll be free to schedule my speaking gigs based on whatever works for me and Ingrid. I’ll have more time for reading, for networking, for keeping up with news, for promotion and publicity, for returning emails, for hustling up more writing gigs.

And very importantly, more importantly than anything, I will have more time for writing. And writing, and writing, and writing.

I have been working towards this for decades. For most of my adult life, really. I have been working hard at this, and making it close to my top priority, for a decade. I almost can’t believe that it’s really here.

I think it’s great that the blogosphere has given her the opportunity to pursue something so dear to her and there’s something in it for all of us — more books by Greta!

For her next project, I suggest some sort of vampire/Fifty Shades of Grey mashup that discusses logic and reason a laHarry Potter and the Methods of Rationality.”

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  • Alexander Unwyn Cherry

    You know there’s already a Twilight-parapllel of HPatMoR, right?

  • Joshua Zelinsky

    In case anyone is looking for this, Alexander is talking about Luminosity –  . (I didn’t find it as amusing as HPMR though). I think that Hemant mentioned Shades of Grey in this context because of the more directly sexual aspects which fits with Greta’s area of expertise. 

  • Eliezer Yudkowsky

    Luminosity could’ve been sexier, certainly, but the problem is that now the Rationalist Vampire Novel has been done.  It’s sort of *the* obvious rationalist take on vampires, as demonstrated by the Omake in HPMOR Ch. 64 that I wrote after hearing Alicorn was doing Rational Twilight and before reading Luminosity.  (Came to the comments to post that, saw I’d been preempted.)  Albeit that Peter Watt’s rationalized vampires are also pretty darned amusing, and I suppose trying to write a hyper-rational genuinely uncaring murderous vampire protagonist could make for a chilling novella.

  • Sarah Moglia

    Greta for everything 2012!

  • TooManyJens

    For her next project, I suggest some sort of vampire/Fifty Shades of Grey mashup that discusses logic and reason a la “Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality.”

    Only well-written and not suffering from toxic levels of smug.

  • Bluebury

    I am at once delighted and incredibly jealous!  Congrats, Greta!

  • Rich Wilson

    At the risk of sounding like a turd, I hope the one talk I saw of hers online wasn’t representative of her public speaking, or she improves.  Nothing to do with the content which was great, but she “Um”ed a lot.  Most people aren’t good public speaker unless they work at it.

  • Transplanted Jersey Girl

    I hope she finds time to edit another collection of erotic cartoons!