I’ll Be on a Religion/Secularism Panel Discussion at Northwestern University This Wednesday

This Wednesday night, I’m participating in a two-person panel discussion on the intersection between religion and secularism (and how they’re opposed) at Northwestern University.

The event goes from 7:00-9:00p in Harris Hall 107. It’s sponsored by the Secular Student Alliance and Northwestern University Interfaith Initiative (NUii). Stop by if you’re in the area!

And as I write this, there’s no second panelist. So I think I win by default! Score one for the firebrands.

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  • http://www.oakleysunglassesales.net/ Oakley Sunnies

    The link to Facebook doesn’t work.

  • Hemant


  • Kate Donovan

    The correct link should be that one :)

  • Kevin S.

    This couldn’t have waited until I was back out there for the summer session? *pouts*

    Awesome stuff, Hemant.  Keep on firebranding.

  • http://www.isabelmarantonline.de/ Isabel marant

    Great. Thanks for sharing.

  • yibo1217

    This couldn’t have waited until I was back out there for the summer session? *pouts*