What About My Right To Choose To Not Have a Choice? (Link Fixed)

Republican women are finally speaking out!

(via Silver Outlined Window)

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  • ” Open up your legs and let the government in”  Oh boy…

  • An unshaven clown???

  • Now THAT is funny! 
    Comedy / satire is one of the most potent forms of critique. 
    Well done. 

  • Coyotenose


  • Satire has become the de facto reprieve to the sheer vertigo of what passes for politics in America. It reassures us that people are still paying attention. Not everyone is on a Fundy bender. It saddens me to realize that some people could watch that clip, and honestly no get it.

  • Pickle77

     I thought I heard “clown” too. That led to a very bizarre mental image.

  • Coyotenose

    Now every time I hear the song “Down With The Sickness”, I’m going to hear that instead of “Open up your hate and let it flow into me”. Great.

  • Pseudonym

    Yeah, that broke the suspension of disbelief for me, because Real Republican Women don’t shave.