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"Based on what rational should willingness to touch people be a test for citizenship? Why ..."

No Handshake, No Passport, France Tells ..."
"If you say something is wrong, you do actually have to say why it's wrong. ..."

A Gay Teacher Told Students About ..."
""desiring the gay sex you complain about."LMAO You realize that's not an actual argument right? ..."

A Gay Teacher Told Students About ..."
"A gay couple cannot procreate between themselves.Gay couples inherently promote sex that leads to diseases ..."

A Gay Teacher Told Students About ..."

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  • Cutencrunchy

    Imprisoned by our own illusions – look up the world is flat

  • Edmond

    “It’s just a guide”.

    If they’re talking about what I THINK they’re talking about, it’s not even that.

  • Is that a new band? The World Is Flat, playing at Madison Square Garden this summer!

  • Jo

    That would be two dimensional thinking I’d think

  • Isilzha

    So, where exactly do 3 dimensional beings look to get a 4th dimension perspective??

  • Cut the Gordian knot in half.