Secular Student Alliance 2012 Conference Schedule Released

The Secular Student Alliance just released the schedule for their 2012 national conference (July 6th-8th) and it looks great:

Besides the huge collection of speakers, they end late on Friday and Saturday night — which makes sense since most of the attendees are still wide awake – and begin relatively late on Saturday morning (because, you know, why not?)

That means no speaker will get an unenviable time slot on Sunday morning… it also means there’s plenty of time to digest and discuss the talks after they happen. As in previous years, there are several different tracks — all short talks — so you get tons of good information relatively quickly without getting bored.

This is one of the conferences I’m thrilled to attend every year. It’s great for students and adults. Plus, Columbus is kind of awesome. If you can swing it, register now and help the secular students :)

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