Damon Fowler’s Legacy: No Prayer at His Former High School’s Graduation This Time Around

A year after atheist Damon Fowler fought a losing battle to get prayer out of his Louisiana high school graduation, there’s some great news to report:

No moment of silence this year. No public prayer. And no controversy.

Those are Damon’s efforts coming to fruition. Bastrop High School won’t thank him for what he did anytime soon, but the rest of us can.

In case you’re wondering, Damon will be starting college in Texas this fall. That scholarship so many of you donated to is going to be put to good use :)

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  • Mary

    Do you know if the laws about prayers at graduation to public universities as well? I have a friend who recently received her masters at the local state university, and she was surprised when a reverend invited everyone to pray together twice during the ceremony. Huh??????

  • Mary

    Sorry, I meant do they “apply to public unversities.”

  • Drew M.

    Woohoo! This is some welcome news.