Atheists Helping the Homeless Expands in Texas

I’ve posted frequently about Atheists Helping the Homeless, the group from Austin, Texas that has helped over 1,500 homeless people in the area.

I’m happy to announce that they’re expanding! Now, there’s a Dallas/Ft. Worth chapter.

Their first event is June 3rd at 9:00a and it’d be great to have a large group assembled to help those less fortunate.

If you’re not in the DFW area but would like to help out somehow, you can always contribute a little something so they can purchase the goods they need for the giveaways.

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    Awesome! Thank you so much for plugging my charity! We are meeting at 11am-2pm. You rock!

  • Zachary Moore

    The Dallas-Fort Worth Coalition of Reason is trying to help spread the word as well. You can sign up to help on Meetup with the Fellowship of Freethought in Dallas, or the Dallas-Plano Atheists.

  • Texan

    And don’t you forget it, people who a couple of posts back called for booting the South out of the US. We may be a outnumbered, but there are people down here who are not crackpots and/or zealots. Well, not zealots, anyway.

  • Joe Zamecki

    Thanks for posting this, Hemant! :o)