Entering the ‘No Conscience’ Zone

(In response to this post.)

"I'm just bashing it with the thighbone of an antelope."

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  • Apparently “conscience” only matters to them when they can use it as a weapon against others.   

  • My favourite bit of leaving religion was getting to listen to my conscience without feeling guilty for following it. 

  • gski

    Information is power. What better way
    to gain and keep control of a group of people than to know what they
    need to hide. A brilliant scam.

  • LutherW

    “Forgive me Father for I have sinned”

    “Whatever it is Bishop, you will be forgiven, as you have forgiven me.”

  • There was an interesting piece of legislation in Ireland that I’ve been meaning to follow up on. It said that anyone that was made aware of child abuse and sexual abuse would be bound by law to notify the authorities. Priests united there to lobby against this proposal being passed. Of course. I discuss the moral implications here: http://theriotactnyc.wordpress.com/