Pastor, What Are the Exceptions to the Rule?

If only Christians had the courage to question their pastors when they said something that made no sense…

You can see how this exchange turns out at Sandra and Woo :)

(Thanks to Jennifer for the link!)

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  • Buffy

    There’s an unwritten 11th Commandment: Thou shalt not point out inconsistencies and absurdities of the Bible.  

  • Tinker

    Shoot, I thought the 11th commandment was Thou shalt not be gay.

  • Johann

     C’mon, you should know your Bible better than that.

    They’re both the 11th Commandment.

  • Richard Wade

    Excellent cartoon.

    This reminds me of how  my dear wife, when she was a child, asked far less complicated questions
    than these during her Lutheran confirmation classes. They were just the kind of questions
    that a sincere, clear-thinking kid would ask, but for which the theology
    had no good answers. The other kids giggled at the preacher’s
    befuddlement and irritation, so he took her aside and essentially told
    her that if she didn’t shut up, he’d make trouble for her with her
    parents, and he implied that he’d make trouble for them with the rest of
    the community. She did shut up, went through the charade of
    Confirmation, but that was the end of her interest in organized

  • LutherW

    We know two that one can repent: Pedophilia and cover up of priestly actions.

  • Drakk

     The latter is Lying for Jesus, which isn’t a sin at all.

  • Nigel Poncewattle

    I believe the “logic” of Christianity is that Jesus died for our sins, so one doesn’t have to pay that price if we repent.  So yeah, you can repent for murder — but you still have to pay your debt to society for it.