Edwina Rogers’ Speech at the Women in Secularism Conference

At the Center for Inquiry’s 2012 Women in Secularism Conference, the Secular Coalition for America‘s new Executive Director Edwina Rogers spoke about the group’s mission, key issues, and how “Religiously Motivated Legislation Particularly Harms Women”:

Because of prior obligations (and as a last-second addition to the conference), Rogers was unable to do a Q&A during this session. I haven’t had a chance to watch the full discussion yet, but if any particular parts stand out for you, leave the timestamp and a summary in the comments!

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  • Leah

    The section on women begins at -8:41.

  • DKeane123

    It was a good talk, enjoyed it.  I know a lot of people have questioned Edwina’s history with the republican party, but it is good to see that Atheists are truly “big tent” people.