He Interrupted His Grandmother’s Funeral to Preach About Christ

This is seriously despicable.

John McGlone‘s grandmother passed away on February 20th. Her funeral was held a few days later. Like you might expect, it took place at a church. A pastor delivered a eulogy. Nothing too out of the ordinary. It’s what the family wanted.

At the end of the eulogy, the pastor recited the typical “God loves you” bit. He said that nothing — not hardship, not distress, not peril, nothing — could ever separate us from the love of Jesus. (I know, I know, he’s wrong, but that’s not the point here.)

McGlone didn’t agree with the pastor because he believes sin separates us from Christ…

So instead of taking it up with the pastor privately, he began yelling out his theology from the back of the church hall.

During his own grandmother’s funeral.

He began preaching Christianity… to a room full of Christians… at the most inappropriate possible time… while wearing a long-sleeved shirt reading “TRUST JESUS” on the back. (As if none of them do.)

Start the video at the 1:38 mark below to hear the end of the pastor’s eulogy…

At around 4:00, family members urge McGlone to leave. “Think of the family,” they tell him. They call the police on him. Even the priest joins in. They all tell him to leave the church… but that only infuriates him further. He’s not in a real church, after all. He’s in a Catholic church.

No one can talk any sense into him because he’s brainwashed by his faith.

At 5:45, McGlone says, “Keep your hands off me, uncle!” It’s the first time I’ve ever heard that phrase and been on the uncle’s side.

At 5:57, someone starts to play the organ in an effort to Keyboard Cat him out of there. Or at least drown out his testimony. It does the trick.

McGlone leaves the building… but keeps preaching to anyone who will listen.

From the caption to his video, it sounds like McGlone was surprised to be invited to the funeral in the first place — as if he’s done something like this before and he couldn’t believe he was given another opportunity.

Talk about a regretful decision…

(Thanks to @serialmatrix for the link)

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