Edward Tarte Gets a Catholic Priest to Pray for Two Very Sick Dogs

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  • http://criticallyskeptic-dckitty.blogspot.com Katherine Lorraine

    How prayer works –

    You pray for something:

    If you get the result – God blessed you, hallelujah!
    If you don’t get the result – It’s part of God’s plan, hallelujah!

    If the dogs’ cancer got cured – God healed them!
    If the dogs’ cancer got worse and they died – God released them from their pain!

    Prayer, more useless than doing nothing.

  • Edward Tarte

    “God released them from their pain”?  Thus may say the believer.  What really happened?  In the case of each of the two families, they made an appointment with their vet; at the scheduled time one or more of the family members took the dog to the vet, and the vet euthanized the dog.  “God released the dogs from their pain”? NO.

  • http://criticallyskeptic-dckitty.blogspot.com Katherine Lorraine

    Of course that’s the case. To the believer it’s all part of God’s plan. It’s a combination of confirmation bias and stacking the deck. Anything that happens is because God wanted it to happen – regardless of whether it’s the hoped for result or not. Plus they ignore the times where prayer didn’t work, and they trumpet those few times that they got something they wanted (usually because it was going to happen anyway)

  • viaten

    I wonder what TJ thinks about animal afterlife.  How would he explain it to children?

  • Edward Tarte

    I don’t know.  I was taught in the seminary that there is no afterlife for non-human animals.  You could ask him what he thinks about it if you would like to.  His YouTube name, which he has used in a multitude of comments at my videos, is LoveBeingAPriest.

  • The Other Weirdo

    Using prayer as a solution to real-world problems is akin to sacrificing virgins to ensure a bountiful harvest.

  • Tinker

    I hate to throw the wet blanket here because I don’t believe in the ‘power of prayer’ either but TJ obviously did not have faith that his god would cure Romeo because he qualified it by saying not to be surprised if it doesn’t work.

  • http://twitter.com/BuddyPteranodon Buddy Pteranodon

    A cat caused the first crack in my religious faith.  I clearly remember at age 7 sitting in (Catholic) church and the priest said that animals would not go to heaven because they did not have souls.  My seven-year-old self firmly believed Fluffy had a soul!  And I began to wonder if the priest is so very wrong about this, what else is he wrong about?
    I am an atheist now but spent many years as a Wiccan and it can all be traced back to that one comment and that one cat!