Weatherford City Council Replaces Moment of Silence with Prayer

The city of Weatherford, Texas wants to be sued. You know how I know? Because I read the last sentence of this article:

Councilwoman Heidi Wilder said she felt that the possibility of litigation would be “remote.”

Take a *wild* guess as to why someone might sue them…

YES! More prayer. Because moments of silence just aren’t enough for people:

At a May council meeting, some suggested having a moment of silence, rather than a prayer, to start the meetings.

But the Rev. Scott Wilson of All Saints’ Episcopal Church urged the council Tuesday to reject that idea.

“While we understand this effort to satisfy a variety of citizens — for us it’s not adequate,” he said. “We know that members of the City Council pray privately before they begin their sessions and certainly that should be beneficial for those that pray. But a corporate prayer goes a great deal further; it becomes beneficial to the whole city.”

An invocation, he said, would show that Weatherford is a city under God.

Wait, what?! Paraphrasing the reverend: “I know you’re trying to make everyone happy with the moment of silence… but it’s not good enough unless we exclude some of them.”

The city council then voted 4-1 in favor of replacing the silence with a predominantly Christian prayer:

“When I look at the fact that the Supreme Court of the United States has a prayer prior to starting each session and the Senate and the House of Representatives, both in the United States and in Texas, have a prayer to each of their meetings, it’s something that I would very much like to see us do,” [Councilman Jeff] Robinson said. “Praying on your own is great, but when you pray as a group I think great things can happen.”

Because 0 x a big number is… Oh. Right.

The Freedom From Religion Foundation has already sent them a letter of warning.

(Thanks to Chuck for the link!)

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