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  • SteveS

    ‘Really succinct. It manages to point out some of the biggest problems with religion in our society in remarkably little space. Somehow we need to find a way to have a discussion at high levels about why we give this much control and so many tax benefits to a composite special interest group. Why do we consider it OK for some religious people to claim the right to make contraceptive decisions for employees who are not their co-religionists – and may only work there out of economic necessity? Why do we give tax exemptions to churches whose leaders manage to channel millions out of the church and into their pockets. Why do we give them any tax exemptions at all? Why do we allow any kind of contribution to a PAC which cannot accurately and publicly be tracked back to the source? Why aren’t more of our citizens speaking out about organized (and mutually incompatible) religions joining up to define our political discussions? These are not trivial questions – the Founding Fathers would have been ready and willing to discuss them in public. We need to get that spirit back. Or, we risk ushering in an era of religious totalitarianism.