They Said ‘Teach the Controversy’…

From today’s Non Sequitur:

(via Exploring Our Matrix)

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  • northierthanthou

    Lol, …I for one would happily include the Navajo emergence narrative in my classes. Hell, I could even russell up a medicine man to tell the story right.

    …if one really must include alternative points of view.

  • eonL5


  • northierthanthou

     Thank you.

  • Gus Snarp

    Brilliant! By golly if I was a biology teacher and was forced to give time to alternative theories, I would absolutely teach panspermia, whatever that Navajo emergence narrative is, and any other decent myths I could come up with. I think I’d avoid the Flying Spaghetti Monster, brilliant satire and all, but I would want to make my point very clear by picking things that lots of people actually believed without the slightest trace of a joke.

  • CultOfReason

    Call me crazy, but maybe teaching alternative viewpoints can actually work to our advantage. 

    Start by teaching abiogenesis and evolution, with all the supporting facts.  Then, slowly drift into the more fringe but still viable theories such as panspermia.  Then, go still further out and talk about how we might just be computer simulations (a-la matrix meme) before finally getting to the magic sky daddy.  Kids are smart.  They’ll figure out where you’re going with this.