A Voice of Reason on How Reality is Liberating

dogmaticCURE brings together images and music with the words of atheists (in this case, physicist Lawrence Krauss).

Check it out. It’s a great point: reality provides us with just as beautiful and compelling a story as anything religion could ever try to offer.

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  • AxeGrrl

    This kicks!   *sharing with everyone I know*

  • Not only are we going to die, and will our earth die, but the entire universe.  Will die.

  • Occam


    The cosmic reality is far more profound and compelling than any ancient fable can feebly attempt to “explain.”  All those mysteries we attempt to solve through science, which will keep us occupied till the end of our days as a species — why is that not enough in itself?  I have never understood the necessity of believing in a supernatural, omniscient being in order to appreciate the beauty and complexity of our universe.  Seems like such a cop out.

  • Cannot

    Well technically the universe will still be around. It will just have high entropy. 

  • Well technically my cat that died 14 years ago is still around.  He just has high entropy.