The Summer Camp Rules for a Fundamentalist Jewish Sect

In response to the posting about the ridiculously strict rules at Bob Jones University, a reader sent me a “Guide for a Yiddishe Summer Experience” (PDF) — basically the summer camp rulebook for an ultra-orthodox group of Hasidic Jews.

Check out these bits…

That last bit is the scariest. 1 guy, 1 girl in a car? Not ok. 3 guys, 1 girl in a car? What could possibly go wrong…?

The same guidebook also points out that women (sometimes as young as the age of 3) cannot sing in front of men. The reason? I asked a Jewish friend and she replied, “Because women’s voices are inherently arousing.” The men can’t have that so they forbid the women from singing in front of them. (Did I mention some of these women were only three?)

What the hell…

Did anyone ever attend camps with rules like this?

Please tell us more about them…

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