The Drilling Rig Atheists Helped Fund is Now at Work in Ethiopia

Last October and November, 109 readers of this site raised $5,000 for “drilling equipment that will bring clean water to people in Ethiopia”!

The rig we funded is now in service — you can follow it on Twitter — and check out these sweet photos 🙂

Awe. Some.

If you’d like to donate to the cause, you do that at Charity: Water.

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  • Joe Zamecki

    Outstanding. Awesome. Excellent. 

  • As I said when you first organized this, Hemant, Thank You! It’s a pleasure and an honor to be a part of this, and the many other positive things that you make happen.

  • Cool, I’d just about forgotten this and missed the email update in my inbox. It’s also nice to see a charity not only follow through, but provide interesting information about how and where the money is making a difference.

  • /HappyDance!

  • As an athiest with a son who was born in Ethiopia, I thank everyone who donated.

  • DG

    Well done indeed.  A very, very important cause.  Nice to see funds given up and running, that’s for sure!  And for such a good cause at that.

  • Steven Bloomfield

    “From friendly atheists all across America” that…is…awesome… I want to fund 20 more of these.

  • Although, it is kind of an Amerocentric message.  Hemant, didn’t we get donations from other countries?

  • Ashley Will

    This is so awesome! Perhaps this truly  beneficial rig bought by atheists will help those in Ethiopia while non-beneficial Christian missionaries are preaching to people there.

  • John

    I was thinking this too. Be curious to see what percentage of Hemant’s readership is actually American.

  • It totally shouldn’t matter who’s getting it done; compassion is not something to be used in a dick-waving contest. I’m a man of faith, myself, but as far as I’m concerned, I’d applaud this effort even if it were funded by anarchistic Satanists. If folks try to use it as a “point” against Christianity, then all it does is make the whole project look like it’s being done in the name of pride more than from true compassion for the Ethiopians.