The Warren-Driven Life

In response to how Pastor Rick Warren wants to control which people his staffers follow on Twitter, reader Dano created this redesign of Warren’s bestselling book:

Too bad that book would sell hundreds of millions of copies, too…

What exactly would a Warren-Driven life consist of?

(Besides lots of Saddlebacking, I mean.)

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  • Jonny Scaramanga

    Well, it would involve lots of exhorting people to be “as dedicated as the Hitler Youth.”

  • Thomas Lawson

    My wife and I were staying at a place in Lake Arrowhead, California, called the Saddleback Inn. Lovely place. Long story short, my wife likes to open windows, and a large bug flew in and around the room and landed on the bed. My wife then threw open the nightstand drawer, grabbed the Bible, and beat the living shit out of that bug. So far, it was the only time in our lives that the Bible was useful.

  • Glasofruix

    “What exactly would a Warren-Driven life consist of?”

    Denial, mostly…