nakedpastor: Deconstructing a Church Sign

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  • Gav Davies

    So funny and so accurate because it’s true! I love it just because somebody took the time to sit down and write it!

  • Stephanie Thayer

    I remember seeing these signs start to pop-up around local churches around the early 90s. There was a Penesostal church near my grandparent’s house that said, “Poor old tooth-less Devil”. We used to laugh at it, but really it’s all the same pointless-dribble, posted on tacky sign.

  • C Peterson

    Particularly if the church has a “youth pastor”, you (or your kids) might experience a special kind of “love”, as well.

  • Joe

    I saw a church sign in my neighborhood that said:

    “Free trip to Heaven!
    Inquire within”

    I can only conclude that they were murdering people in there.

  • Godlyprimate

    Having grown up in a church, with a father and brother who are pastors (and I’m now an atheist) I must say that this kind of drawing seems childish and ignorant.  Is it true of some churches?  Sure it is, but there are many many many churches where they don’t have the types of attitudes portrayed in this image.  If you just want to look like some immature jr high kid who pokes fun at things without taking the time to see what they’re about then by all means keep posting this kind of ignorant nonsense.

  • Joe

    OH please, get a life. Obviously this kind of thing isn’t meant to represent EVERY POSSIBLE CHURCH THAT EXISTS OR EVER COULD. “There are exceptions!” is the biggest cop-out. Talk about immature Jr. High bullshit…

  • Paul Watkins

    if Jesus is all powerful, why doesnt he impress me by juggling with marbles?