Blinding, Colorful Equality

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"To the incredibly humorless Howard-Browne at you, not with you.See ya in hell...asshole."

Pastor: If You Make Fun of ..."
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  • Like to under indulgent at times.

  • I’m an athlete so i don’t eat cookies, but I sure can appreciate this one. Have one (or Two) for me peeps.


  • Coyotenose

     Sorry, they’re Oreos. I won’t have one or two for you.

    I’ll have twenty.

    I salute your dedication, though! I’m getting just a little less out of shape, and it feels amazing.

  • I love Oreo Cakesters ™.

  • Alex

    While I’m not much into sweets myself and I do support the notion that Americans consume way too much sugar on a daily basis, I hope Kraft and Oreo brand in particular have plenty of support.

  • A Reader

    I wish they really made Oreos like that. Equality AND extra icing!