Foundation Beyond Belief Announces Q3 2012 Slate of Charities

The Foundation Beyond Belief has just announced its five beneficiaries for the new quarter — each charity will likely receive several thousands of dollars, courtesy of atheist donors:

POVERTY: Nourishing USA

HUMAN RIGHTS: Equal Justice Initiative

CHALLENGE THE GAP: Hindu American Seva Charities

EDUCATION: Kasese Humanist Primary School

THE NATURAL WORLD: Animal Legal Defense Fund

The lion’s share of my donations this month are going to Equal Justice Initiative. I watched its Executive Director Bryan Stevenson give an amazing TED Talk on what he does and I was hooked.

If you’re not already a member of the Foundation, please consider joining!

Where are you giving your donations this month?

By the way, FBB is looking for fall interns! If you’d like to be an integral part of this amazing group, apply for the volunteer position here! You can do the work via your computer and we only ask for a handful of hours per week.

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  • Looks like a good batch of charities.  I’m a monthly donor myself and thrilled I can support so many worthy groups.