Describe The 700 Club for Me…

A reader passes along what may be the most appropriate description of Christian television ever seen:

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  • Daniel Parker

    We have a new “Truth in Advertising” law I didn’t hear about…? 😉

  • Former Thumper

    I’ll bet you that that particular episode was about a scam and the description just happened to fit so beautifully.

  • Phil Bellerive

    They gladly accept funds from simpletons and fools also.  I can only watch it for about 5 – 10 minutes before I double over from laughter.  The show consists of faux “news reports,” fake commercials, which are actually appeals for money, Q&A sessions, where a semi-attractive, female “anchorperson” poses fake questions from imaginary viewers to a babbling old dimwit (Pat Robertson) who displays a blank smile.  He kind of reminds me an old guy who lived on the next block – he got kind of funny and was put away in sanitorium.  Last I heard, he was walking into ladies’ rooms wearing no pants and seeing imaginary animals in his room.

  • The Godless Monster


    “Last I heard, he was walking into ladies’ rooms wearing no pants and seeing imaginary animals in his room.

    Whoa… sounds like my LSD and mescaline fueled road trips back in the 70’s.

  • Drew M.

     You poor fool! Wait till you see those goddamn bats.

  • northierthanthou


  • Anon

    I was too distracted by “COX WACX” to get the 700 Club joke.


    The 700 Club may be a scam but, on the other hand, anyone stupid enough to listen to Pat Robertson may very well deserve what ever happens to them.

  • GloomCookie613

    Dear Person(s) that Writes the Descriptions for TV Guides:

     I love you all for all the unintentional (and sometimes obviously intentional) lolz I get while flicking through the channels.  Seriously, you make my day (and insomniac middle of the night) brighter with your work.

  • Buffy

    Finally, truth in advertising.  

  • Trainwrrxxx

    Probably scaring seniors about ID theft, huge boogeyman, while they ate perpetuating it by pretending to be Christian