Point of Inquiry Does an Episode on Video

The Point of Inquiry podcast did something a little different for their most recent episode and put in on the videotubes:

This episode features Michael De Dora, Ed Brayton, Jamie Kilstein, and Jessica Ahlquist. It was hosted by Chris Mooney.

More of this, please! Not that there’s anything wrong with the podcast, but the more outlets to hear these interviews and ideas, the better.

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  • Skizzle

    Holy fuck, I love listening to the Point of Inquiry podcast and I never knew Chris Mooney was so gorgeous.

  • murphium

    I know, video added nothing, but sarcasm seems a bit unkind.

  • Skizzle

     Who said I was being sarcastic?  Chris Mooney is totally hittable.

  • Ray

    Yes please, as much exposure as possible but please not at the expense of audio only files that I can download and listen to when not online.

  • http://anonatheist.wordpress.com/ Mike Hunt

    I just can’t take Chris Mooney after his accommodationist stance a few years ago.  I stopped listening to the POI podcast because of him.

  • 1000 Needles

    I have much more of an appreciation for Jamie Kilstein after learning about him through this episode.

    My first exposure to him was at the Reason Rally, and I wasn’t in the mood for his style of humor at the time. I think he is much more impressive on Citizen Radio.

  • http://www.youtube.com/user/GodVlogger/featured GodVlogger (on YouTube)

    I’ve been listening and loving the Point of Inquiry podcasts for years… coolest for me was seeing Debbie Goddard… thus putting a face to the awesome “voice” of the intro.
    Great podcasts. Great people.