Secular Woman Offers Grants for Skepticon 5

Remember Secular Woman? An organization dedicated to supporting the interests and work of women in the secular movement, they made a splash right out of the gate, appearing in Glenn Beck‘s The Blaze, listing a Speakers Bureau, offering memberships, and advertising the wares of their members.

Now, just two weeks after launching, Secular Woman has announced a partnership with Skepticon 5 to offer travel grants to women who would be otherwise unable to attend. At least ten women will recieve the money — to be used for travel or lodging, since Skepticon is free. If donations exceed predicted levels, additional grants will be provided.

Kim Rippere, president of Secular Woman, said in the Thursday press release:

Skepticon is a natural partner for Secular Woman’s first disbursement of travel grants. We’ll be able to help more women atheists and skeptics experience a major secular event, thanks to Skepticon’s free registration and its track record of high attendance and engaging speakers.

The application system has not been set up yet, however you can donate here if you’d like to help with this cause!

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